Take some time to connect with the land, the stars and everything in between as you look out over the Skellig Coast, humbled by the power of the Atlantic Ocean. Its landscape, chiselled by the force of the ocean’s waves yet gently embraced by the warmth of the Gulf Stream air, offers a new view around every bend and lends itself to a bounty of plants and animals that link back to the origins of Ireland’s geological past.

Skellig islands

Find Nature’s Window to the Past

Offering some of the best celestial views with the naked eye, come and see why the Skellig Coast has been recognised as one of only three Gold Tier Dark Sky Reserves on the planet and hear about ancient legends and mythology as they come to life in the night sky. 

Feel the Power of the Edge

Feel the wind in your hair and the roar of the ocean as you explore one of the many coastal trails or enjoy one of its memorable coastal activities. 

Have an Up-close Marine Encounter

Whether it’s admiring one of the largest fish in the world or even eating a piece of seaweed, the Skellig Coast’s diverse abundance of marine life has a little something for everyone.

Some Fantastic Tours and Experiences