The Porgs at Portmagee

The Star Wars movie The Last Jedi was premiered December 2017 and this movie saw the debut of The Porgs. For those of you who still haven’t heard about the Porg – they were inspired by the Puffins that live on Skellig Michael where movie scenes of The Force Awakens and the latest movie The Last Jedi were shot.

The residents of Portmagee decided to get into the movie spirit as we counted down the days to 14th December 2017 for the movie premiere of The Last Jedi, so we gave Portmagee village the honorary name of PORGmagee from 1st – 15th December where the Porg theme illuminated the village.

Star Wars Porgmagee

We’re hoping that the name Portmagee actually inspired Rian Johnson in his naming of the Porg character and there will always be a place for the Porgs to stay if ever they decide to visit Portmagee or Porgmagee again!

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